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Divorce Appraisal

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Divorces are complex and often involve many valuables. Things get complicated when it comes to equitable distribution and determining the value of shared belongings. You can consult Randy M. Sonns, Certified Residential Appraiser, for accurate divorce appraisals.

Our appraisals determine the value of the shared real estate assets and allow you to work out your divorce property settlement more efficiently. Reach out to us today to schedule a fair and impartial property assessment.

What Assets Are Involved In Divorces?

A divorce appraisal involves valuing all the shared assets. This can include your house and even artwork and furniture. Personal items such as gifts, inheritance, and personal injury proceeds are not included in a divorce appraisal.

Your residential appraiser will help you sort through all items and provide the necessary information to reach a satisfactory agreement.

The Right Divorce Appraiser Can Make Your Life Easier

Want to know more about divorce appraisals? Randy M. Sonns is always happy to help. We understand that before finalizing a divorce, you want to ensure your assets are properly divided.

Our services are timely, honest, and thorough. We always take the time to learn more about you and your needs for optimal results. If you live in or around Los Angeles, Orange County & Ventura County, CA area, meet with our residential appraiser today.

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Where To Find Home Appraisal Expert That Specializes in Divorce Cases?

home valuation

If you're looking for an experienced home appraisal expert to provide a fair and accurate evaluation of your property amid a divorce, Randy M. Sonns, Certified Residential Appraiser, is the perfect solution.

With decades of experience appraising residential properties, Randy has earned a reputation as one of the leading experts in this field and has been specially trained to handle the complexities of divorce appraisal.

Randy works closely with your attorney and other professionals to ensure you get a fair evaluation. He is dedicated to providing quality service, accurate results, and timely reports so you can move forward with your life quickly and easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is a home value determined in divorce?
In divorce proceedings, a home value is determined by an appraisal. A professional appraiser will look at your house and compare it to other houses. They will use this information to decide how much your house is worth.
Are there appraisers that specialize in divorce?
Yes, some appraisers specialize in divorce appraisals. Certified divorce Appraisers like Randy M. Sonns can provide an accurate home appraisal for divorce proceedings. He considers the house’s condition, location, and market trends that could affect its value.
How to prepare for a divorce home appraisal?
To prepare for a divorce appraisal, you may want to follow these steps:
• Make sure your house is presentable for the appraisal. Clean up and make any necessary repairs before the appraiser arrives.
• Gather all documents related to the home, such as deeds, loan papers, and tax records.
• Have information on recent improvements and renovations you have made to the property.
• Know what other homes in the area have recently sold for.
• Have a copy of your divorce proceedings handy.
Who pays for a home appraisal in divorce?
The payment is negotiable. In this case, the spouses can split the cost between them. However, the spouse buying the opponent's house and intends to keep the home must pay the appraisal.
What happens if spouses don’t agree on an appraiser?
If the spouses can’t agree on an appraiser, they may need to work with a mediator or lawyer. The mediator or lawyer will help them develop a fair and unbiased appraiser who can accurately assess the home’s value. Randy M. Sonns is experienced in divorce appraisals and can provide a fair and unbiased appraisal to help you reach an agreement.
What do divorce appraisals entail?
Divorce appraisals entail a professional appraiser evaluating your home to determine an accurate value for divorce proceedings. An experienced divorce appraiser conducted this residential appraisal report like Randy. The report will include an opinion of market value as well as information about the condition of the house, its location, and market trends that could affect its value.

The report will also include a list of comparable sales used to determine the valuation depending on the size of your home. With our team as your appraiser, you can be sure to have an accurate appraisal report that is fair and unbiased for both parties involved in the divorce proceedings.
Do I have to sell my house in a divorce?
The answer to this question depends on your situation. Generally, the court may decide it’s best for both parties to sell the house and divide the proceeds 50/50. Alternatively, your party may choose to “buy out” their spouse and stay in the home. In either case, an accurate divorce appraisal is necessary to determine the home's fair market value. With our expertise in divorce appraisals, you can get an accurate appraisal that both parties can agree on.
Why do divorce appraisals matter?
Divorce appraisals are important for several reasons. For instance:

• Divorce appraisals provide an accurate assessment of the value of your home that is fair and unbiased for both parties involved in the divorce proceedings.
• The market value determined by a divorce appraisal can help inform decisions about dividing marital assets, such as whether one spouse will stay in the house or if it should be sold.
• Divorce appraisals provide a homeowner with an understanding of the real estate market, which will help them decide when to buy or sell their property.
Why are appraisals better than the alternatives?
Appraisals are typically better than the alternatives because they provide an unbiased and accurate assessment of the value of a home. A comparative market analysis (CMA) conducted by a real estate agent is often not as reliable as an appraisal from a certified home appraiser. On the other hand, an appraiser has the experience and expertise to assess the value of a home with greater accuracy than other methods.

Determine the true worth of your property with a comprehensive analysis of all relevant factors, such as location, condition, and market trends.

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